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Styling Course Bundle

Pressing the click on your camera is only half the battle! Learn how to create beautiful worlds for your product photography and immerse your audience in emotive ambiance.

Intended for creatives and visionaries of all backgrounds and disciplines, the Styling Course Bundle will teach you how to craft stunning sets that take your photos from average to extraordinary, elevating your work to new visual heights.


Don’t just capture a photo; captivate with it.

(How’s that for visual prowess?)

Imagery has the power to make your audience feel something and leave a lasting impression. It’s not enough to simply take a photo to stand out in today’s ever-changing visual landscape. Styling allows you to create photography that captures the essence of your brand, tells a story, and evolves the conversation. 

Your audience will remember images that immerse them in an entire visual world they’ll connect with.

We’ve combined forces with 5 photography and videography studios to teach you how to stand out from the crowd with styling techniques, tips, and tricks that will grab your audience’s eyes and keep them right where they belong: on your incredible work.

Made for creative innovators, intended for visual storytelling.

Your work deserves as many eyes on it as possible; that is why we’re here to help you style your photos in a way that holds your audience's attention. You have the eye for visuals, we’re just here to help add a bit of spice.

Inside the Styling Course Bundle you’ll learn…

  • Light placement for maximum effect.

  • How to style the pawfect pet photos. 

  • The perfect balance of props and product. 

  • Image size optimization for landscape and portrait. 

  • How to conceptualize shoots using modern & vintage props. 

  • How to effectively & efficiently source props.

  • Learn color & lighting theory to evoke strong emotions in your images. 

  • Creating a narrative using prop textures and lighting techniques. & more! 

Ready to take your photography to the next level?


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Inside Styling Course Bundle you’ll gain access to:

  • 5 self-guided and self-paced educational courses from industry-leading photographers, stylists, and digital creators

  • 10% off discount code for Moodelier products.

  • Exclusive Moodelier promotions, so you can continue to grow your creative prop collection

Course One

Color For Breakfast - Props & Pups: Dog photography secrets to help you stand out from the pack


In this course, you’ll learn…

Props & Pups: Dog photography secrets to help you stand out from the pack

  • Module 1: Intropugtion : Meet Maria, Mango & Kiwi
  • Module 2 : Let's Talk Dogs : Do's & don'ts of dog photography
  • Module 3 : Pups & Props : Picking & purchasing props that stand out.
  • Module 4 : Squeezing a Unique Concept : Concept development for commercial dog products & pet portraits
  • Module 5 : Dipping Your Paws In : Preparing & styling a pawfect dog photoshoot set
  • Module 6 : Get the Pawty Started : Photographing your dog in a photoshoot
  • Module 7 : Editing Makes Pawfect : Basic tips & tricks for editing dog photos
Course Two

Haash House - Styling Product With Purpose: Lighting, Props, & Color Theory


In this course, you’ll learn…

Styling With Purpose: A guide to styling with props, lighting, & color theory

  • Module 1 : Styling - Do’s, Don’ts, and when to break the rules : Space, Distractions, Composition, Breaking The Rules
  • Module 2 : Brand Discovery : Discovery, Inspo + Moodboard, Time to Play!
  • Module 3 : Color Theory : Why Color Theory?, Color Harmonies
  • Module 4 : Props & Textures : Anchor Props, Supporting Props, Choosing Props
  • Module 5 : Lighting - How to create emotion and depth : Quality of Light, Angle & Location, Modifiers, GOBOs, Flag + Bounce, Gels
Course Three

Weekend Creative - Prop Styling: A Practical Guide to Sourcing, Styling and Pricing


In this course, you’ll learn…

Prop Styling: A Practical Guide to Sourcing, Styling and Pricing

  • Module Topic 1: Introduction
  • Module Topic 2: Selecting the Right Props
  • Module Topic 3: Our Favorite Tips for Strong Images
  • Module Topic 4: Common Styling Mistakes
  • Module Topic 5: The Styling Tools We Love
  • Module Topic 6: The Business Side of Styling: Monetizing your Skills and Collection
Course Four

Gerard and Belevender - Creative Direction & Styling


In this course, you’ll learn…

Creative Direction & Styling: How to mix modern and vintage props in a conceptual photo shoot

  • Module 01 - Introduction - A brief introduction on who we are and what you'll learn in this course
  • Module 02 - Props - Learn how we choose props and how to start your own collection
  • Module 03 - Concept & Set Design - Follow our process from concept to set design to create a plan for our shoot before we pick up a camera
  • Module 04 - Photo Shoots - Watch us create 3 unique monochrome sets, each with their own personality.
  • Module 05 - Post Production - While we focus on getting everything perfect in camera, we'll show you some tips on finalizing your images.
Course Five

Amanda Campeanu - Set styling for Modern Minimal Beauty Product Photography.


In this course, you’ll learn…

How to create an in-demand style of photo so many brands want.

In this module, I'll teach you: how to create a pre-production plan to set you up for success... Full behind the scenes breakdown, showing you where to put lights, camera settings, water photography, working with textures, shooting multiple products. and finding balance and harmony in your image compositions And to top it off, my Photoshop retouching workflow.

Meet Your Instructor

Maria Martinez


Maria is a photographer, pawty-thrower and artist, who turned her passion for dogs into her business, Color for breakfast. As a dog mom to 2 pugs, Mango and Kiwi, she understands the importance of really capturing a dog’s personality and bringing it to life with joyous and eye-catching photography and custom-painted illustrations. She creates visual memorabilia for brands to connect with their customers pawsitivily and for fellow pawrents to cherish furever.

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Michael + Brittany

Creative Product Photography

Haas House is a creative product photography studio based in OKC. Comprised of a husband-wife team, Michael and Brittany Hoss are on a mission to create beautiful bold imagery for DTC and CPG brands. There's a strong emphasis on lighting, color theory, and styling in each shoot. Their photos can be categorized as bold, punchy, and elevated. Not only do they love taking photos, but they also love teaching, sharing knowledge, and building community with other photographers. 

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Arabela + Elle

Specializing in creating brand photography and stop motion with unique and playful concept

Arabela and Elle are the women behind Weekend Creative, specializing in creating brand photography and stop motion with unique and playful concepts. Together they have partnered with brands from around the world and in every industry including Camelbak, Benefit Cosmetics, The Honey Pot Co, Blue Bottle Coffee, and Saint Jane Beauty. They're also the co-hosts of a freelancing comedy podcast, Per Our Last Email, and run an online educational community for photographers called the Weekend Club. 

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Gerard + Belevender

Art Direction and Photography

Michelle Gerard & Jenna Belevender are an art direction and photography team from Detroit. Maximalist scene builders, often obsessed with nostalgia and pop culture, create highly detailed scenes that tell personal stories and can resonate with other people. This personal work has connected them with brands such as DADA Daily, Ban.do, Little Saints, and Club Backdrops to work on commercial campaigns.

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Amanda Campeanu

Commercial Product Photographer, course creator and Youtuber

Amanda is a commercial Product Photographer, course creator and Youtuber based in Brisbane, Australia, specialising in beauty, lifestyle and wellness brands. Her photography style is a "less is more" approach, keeping things simple with her sets, yet boldly eye-catching and beautiful. 

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Can we take the Styling Course Bundle on our phones and tablets?

While Styling Course Bundle is viewable on every wifi accessible mobile device, we recommend completing each module from the comfort of your computer where you can take breaks, get cozy, and have plenty of snack breaks.


How long will we have access to the course after purchasing it?

Once you purchase Styling Course Bundle, you’ll be sent a registration link via email. Once receiving your link, you’ll have one year to register and log into the course. Once you’ve registered your account, you’ll have lifetime access to the course materials and all updates!


How does the Styling Course Bundle differ from your previous Moodelier courses?

While all Moodelier courses were crafted to help creators refine their skills and expand their creativity, the Styling Course Bundle focuses on techniques and compositions that help you bring out the most emotion in your visual photography. 


Our previous courses focused more so on the client-end of creating. Styling Course Bundle focuses on helping you, the creator, innovator, and business owner, create content that resonates with your audience, expands your business, and highlights the power of your portfolio!


Can I gift the course to a friend?

What a lovely friend! Absolutely. Simply enter their email and registration details when checking out, and they’ll be sent a welcome email with a link to login.


Do you offer different payment options?

We do! We’re thrilled that we can now offer payment plans for our Styling Course Bundle! This payment plan is split into two installments: the first is due upon purchasing the course, and the second will be charged exactly one month later.


You can also pay for the Styling Course Bundle in full at the time of your initial purchase.


Who is Styling Course Bundle for?

Photographers, videographers, content creator entrepreneurs, and freelancers of all artistic and creative backgrounds, disciplines, and experiences. If you’ve ever had an interest in expanding your visual creative tool kit, this is for you!