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Bring Your Brand to Life

Harmonize your brand design + hero image

Is your brand’s visual strategy the best it can be?


4-course bundle curated by Moodelier

It’s one thing to create an eye-catching brand with scroll-stopping content. It’s another to understand and harness every tool and trick of the trade while designing a brand that is as memorable as it is visually unmistakable. 

In your time as a brand designer or DIY small business owner, you’ve likely purchased a few branding and content creation courses. But have you ever truly had access to the perspectives, best practices and proven experiences of 5 expert brand and content designers, all at once?

We didn’t think so. 

Intended for brand designers, photographers, prop stylists and art directors, small business owners, and more.

Bring Your Brand to Life will teach you how to design an unforgettable brand + visual marketing strategy the right way. (Finally)

Inside our four-course bundle, you’ll learn:


  • How to design and your very own brand, from start to finish. (Brand Botany 101)

  •  Set up your new brand for success by analysing market opportunities, understanding your audience and defining your why in this custom brand sprint. (How to Build a Killer Brand on a Budget)
  • How to redefine and refine your existing brand (or your client’s) to reach an entirely new audience. (Branding Businesses for Gen Z)
  • Then, how to present your brand design through the use of scroll-stopping imagery. (How to Create the Perfect Hero Image)


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 From Moodelier's course participants


Moodelier courses have had an incredible influence in the way I work and create, by giving me perspective on how to approach things, and connections to some of my favorite creators on the internet!


Great course! The tips about props were very helpful as I was surprised to learn really how few expensive things you need, mostly patience + time.

Daniela N.

I feel so inspired after watching your course! It really helped me to follow your guidance and apply it to my context.

Maria P. G.

And with Bring Your Brand to Life, you’ll receive:


  • 4 educational courses, exclusively designed and produced by 5 incredible creators   
  • Live Q&As (hosted by course creators), ongoing forums and community via the Moodelier Salon   
  • Access to future course updates, downloads, and freebies
  • 10% off discount code on any Moodelier products except our courses.
Course One

Brand Botany 101 by Kelsey McCormic


In this course, you’ll…

Cultivating your perfect brand design is a bit like creating a garden. In Brand Botany 101, Kelsey teaches how to unearth your brand’s values to design a brand that invites your chosen audience to show up, explore and enjoy what you have to offer. Specifically, Kelsey covers:

*Understanding and defining your brand story

*Showcasing what makes your product or service unique

*Identifying your audience

*Learning how to create content and a brand message that attracts your audience 

*Developing your brand’s aesthetics


You’ll leave Kelsey’s course with the tools you need to design a well-defined brand, and potentially even a green(er) thumb. (Soil and shovel not included)


Course Two

How to Build a Killer Brand on a Budget by Claire Mueller


In this course, you'll...

There’s branding, and then there’s designing a brand without breaking the bank. In How to Build a Killer Brand on a Budget, Claire takes you on a custom brand sprint to help you define your offer, unique selling propositions, and how to present it all to the world. Claire teaches:

*market research, assessing customers and competitors to find the white space of opportunity

* refining your why to write a clear brand statement

*defining values, personality and USPs to set the tone for brand voice and visuals

All while utilizing her incredible brand, ACID.FLWRS, as a case study. (If you’re sensing a gardening + floral theme here, just go with it)


Course Three

Branding Businesses for Gen Z by Alyssa Nguyen


In this course, you'll...


Whether you’d like to brand your own business for Gen Z, or help your clients better reach their intended audience, Alyssa will walk you through a process of observing and identifying what differentiates a Gen Z brand, from everyone (and everything) else. In Branding Businesses for Gen Z, Alyssa covers:

*How to market and advertise to attract a Gen Z audience

*Creative direction and photography

*Branding assets and social content

*Creating a brand voice and personality

*Gathering inspiration and moodboarding

*Typography and color palettes

*Logo suites and brand collateral

While also walking you through a live rebrand of an Aussie hair care company.

Course Four

How to Create the Perfect Hero Image by Colors Collective


In this course, you'll...

Once you’ve designed your bold new brand, you’ll need imagery that stops your audience in their scroll. In How to Create the Perfect Hero Image, Alexis and Max walk you through the process of creating a hero image that encompasses your brand, speaks to your audience, and above all else, remains unforgettable. Alexis and Max teach the process of:

*Ideating, researching and finding inspiration for your hero image

*Creating a moodboard and concept sketch

*Sourcing for props and materials

*Set preparation and styling

*Lighting and post-production (editing) tips and tricks

*Packaging your hero image for your website and other use

Think of your hero image as the perfect cherry on top to your full brand design process: arguably the best part, and aesthetically *very* necessary. 

Meet Your Creators

Alexis and Max

Co-founders for Colors Collective

Colors Collective is a full service product photography and stop motion studio based in Brooklyn, NY. Alexis Jesup and Max Hoffman work side by side at Colors Collective to create bold and colorful content for global brands of all sizes. Some of Colors Collective’s past and present clients include Poppi, Bulletproof, Zappos, Vita Coco, PopSockets, and Rit Dye. Alexis and Max approach product photography from an Industrial Design background, bringing a unique perspective to their content creation process which covers everything including concept development, set design, prop sourcing, photo styling, photography, and editing.

See Their Insta

Kelsey McCormick

Founder of coming up roses

Self-taught in brand design, Kelsey has worked with Girlboss, Coachella, Goldenvoice, AEG Presents, Katy Perry, Chugg Entertainment and Fremantle Media. Kelsey believes that creativity is seeded in each individual person, and that only a bit of nurturing is needed to let that creativity grow. Since its inception, Coming up Roses has blossomed into a collective of designers, artists, copywriters and creatives who work together to nurture creativity through exploration. 

See Her Insta

Alyssa Nguyen

Founder of Atnndesign Studio

Based in NYC, Alyssa is a brand identity designer and full-time studio owner who specializes in WOC & LGBTQIA-owned businesses. Alyssa focuses on brands in the fashion, beauty, food and lifestyle space, while using her signature pops of color and youthful approach to empower founders and create new spaces for marginalized groups. You can find her work in Sephora, Nordstrom, Vogue, Elle and InStyle, or learn about her experiences and advice via her podcast, The Design Diaries!

See her Insta

Claire Mueller

Co- Founder of Acid.flwrs

Part strategist, part aestheticist, Claire is a brand creative with a diverse background that has evolved from design, to art direction, growth marketing and PR across the fashion, health and tech industries. With a holistic view that considers how brand messaging affects business goals in a dynamic digital landscape, she consults in brand development for startups and styles campaigns for established brands. Claire launched her floral art studio, ACID.FLWRS, in 2021.

See her instagram

It's so much better than the approach I was using before. It completely transformed my process.


AMAZING course. Loved that you listed all of the equipment and gear! So helpful, thank you. -Karina R.

Karina R.

This was the best course we have watched so far! So informational.

Beau P.


Can we take Bring Your Brand to Life on our phones and tablets?

While Bring Your Brand to Life is viewable on every wifi accessible mobile device, we recommend completing each module from the comfort of your computer. 


How long will we have access to the course after purchasing it?

Once you purchase Bring Your Brand to Life, you’ll be emailed a registration link. You’ll have 1 year from the date of your purchase to register and login to your course. Once you’ve registered, you’ll have lifetime access. 


How does Bring Your Brand to Life differ from your previous Moodelier courses?

Bring Your Brand to Life mainly focuses on teaching brand designers, photographers, prop stylists and art directors how to create a harmonious brand strategy and hero image - not only for themselves, but for their clients, too. 

So, whether your focus is on designing your own brand on a budget, or taking the skills you learn to further your creative business, Bring Your Brand to Life will teach you everything you need to know about creating a brand that is unmistakably yours. 


Can I gift the course to a friend?

Absolutely! Just enter their email and registration details when checking out, and they’ll be sent a welcome email with a link to login.


Who is Bring Your Brand to Life for?

Brand designers, photographers, prop stylists, art directors and solopreneurs who want to learn how to create a well-rounded, harmonious and unforgettable brand design + hero image.