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At Moodelier, we believe that everyone should have access to amazing visuals and the educational resources they need to be inspired. Because of that, we joined forces with some of the most exciting brand creators of our time to create educational resources, unlike any other.

We at Moodelier ideated two-course offerings to empower you to create scroll-stopping visuals while elevating your brand.

Created for photographers, art directors, set designers, content creators, brand owners, and anyone with an appetite for creating stunning visuals, our courses allow you to unleash your inner creativity while taking advantage of their unlimited access. That’s right - meaning you can take (and retake) whichever courses you prefer, anytime and anywhere.

Believe us - whether you’re a professional photographer or a budding creative hobbyist, you’ll find value and never-before-seen tips and tricks that will change the way you view photography, and your creative business, forever. 

Are you ready to unleash your inner creativity?

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The Creative Course

If you’re prepared to elevate your photography in every sense of the word, The Creative Course is for you. We heard your requests for more education, and we created a resource to meet every one of your visual needs.

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The Creative Bundle 

 We believe that you really should have it all. And by all, we mean all 15 modules, from 12 industry-changing artists.

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The Photography Course

Covering everything from creating vibrant backgrounds and shooting self-portraits, to injecting movement into still-life images, our original Moodelier Photography Course is complete with innovative tips and tricks from 8 of the most exciting creatives of our time. 

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 Who are these courses for?
  • Small business owners
  • Photographers
  • Stylists & Set Designers 
  • Content creators
  • Art directors 
  • Anyone with an appetite for creating stunning visuals 

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Watch The Photography Course Trailers


The Creative Course


Top features

In our newest 7-module course, your favorite creative photography experts took the time to teach you:

  • Weekend Creative: Set Design for Product Photography
  • Diane Villadsen and Jo Ko: The Art of Creative Product Photography
  • Teresa Freitas: Visual proposal for brand collaborations
  • Mindy Byrd: Mixing 2D and 3D collage in a Moodelier world
  • Kayla Mendez: Portfolio building like a pro
  • Helen Koker: A guide to accurate color transformations in post-production
  • Idara Ekpoh: A guide to creating dreamlike and cinematic self-portraits

Now, we know what you might be saying: “I purchased the first course a while ago. Do I really need this one?” And while the answer is quite simply yes, picture our newest course as the next step in your Moodelier photography and content creation education.

So, yes, you need it. 

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The Photography Course


Top features

While this might be our original course, it’s anything but simple. Each module boasts an opportunity to build the foundation you need to create incredible imagery, however new (or not new) you might be to your practice.

The Photography Course includes modules from:

  • Diane Villadsen: How to shoot stock images to generate passive income 
  • Weekend Creative: How to use Capture One to design and style a product shoot
  • Teresa Freitas: How to add movement to a still-life scene with simple animation techniques
  • Lizzie Darden: How to photograph and retouch tricky textures 
  • Anna-Alexia Basile: How to creative self-portrait in your home 
  • Tropico Photo: How to add gradients and glow to your photo background
  • Katy Veauux: How to make your idea a visual reality through set design
  • and Melissa Landestoy: How to create stunning visuals with your phone

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Grab Them Both - The Creative Bundle


Most Value

In our course bundle, you’ll gain access to 15 modules from 12 of the most incredible visionaries of our time, while learning the latest photography and production techniques. 

In an era full of do-it-yourself and “just google it,” we’d love to make things just a *little* bit easier on you, and your content creation process.

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The bundle could be yours for $237.


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“Great course! Loved the resource bit at the end, tied everything together.”


Every single Moodelier course module comes with lifetime access. Meaning you can take, retake, pause and rewatch any module you’d like, any time at all.

You’re welcome.

Meet Our Content Creators

Idara Ekpoh

Idara Ekpoh is a Nigerian-American Portrait Photographer currently residing in Phoenix, Arizona who creates captivating visual experiences through her dreamlike and cinematic portraits. Through visual storytelling, Idara aims to create art that celebrates and amplifies black voices. As a first-generation Nigerian-American woman, she has always been interested in the topic of identity and this drives her to use her work to not only share her own story but the stories of those around her.

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Helen Koker

Based in Byron Bay on the east coast of Australia, Helen Koker is an Art Director, Photographer, and Multi-Disciplinary Creative. Specializing in creating unique and captivating visual media, Helen’s work is highly refined and often minimal, striking a delicate balance between artful conceptualization and meticulous production. A sensitive approach to color and balance, along with specialized post-production techniques, allow Helen to exceed the bounds of traditional image-making and produce remarkable and engaging content.

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Kayla Mendez

Modern renaissance woman, traveler, and artist at heart, Kayla Mendez is a commercial photographer based in Florida and LA. Kayla is known for her romantic imagery and ability to bring her client’s vision to life through her artful use of natural light and shadow play. Her work has taken her all over the world to locations such as India, Ethiopia, Paraguay and beyond. It is her mission as a photographer to create a visual narrative filled with all the emotion and intention that makes this life so worth living.

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Mindy Byrd

Mindy Byrd is a photographer/collage artist currently splitting her time between Oregon and Texas. Combining her love for photography, design, color, and texture, she brings a unique collage style to her photographs, giving them a three-dimensional quality. She’s collaborated with clients including Refinery29, L’oreal, Benefit Cosmetics, New York Magazine, Instyle, and Amore Pacific to create vibrant, lively, and dynamic imagery with a collage focus.

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Diane Villadsen & Jo Ko

Diane Villadsen is a color-obsessed commercial photographer whose work explores surreal spaces and themes. Clients include Zappos, Allbirds, Mailchimp, Oppo, Twitter, Bose, and Atelier Cologne. Her work has been published in Aesthetica Magazine, Content Magazine, Ignant, Frankie Magazine, and Fstoppers.

Jo Ko Art Director based in San Francisco focusing on branding and digital work. Her aesthetic is a mix of minimalism, playfulness, and quirky surrealism. Strategically, the goal is to elevate brand campaigns by pushing messaging to it’s clearest and most distinct visual form. She balances design with her love for photography and surreal art-house cinematography.

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Weekend Creative

Weekend Creative, Weekend Creative is made up of Arabela Espinoza and Elle Mitchell, a photographer and art director team based in the San Francisco Bay Area. They specialize in creative brand photography and stop motion with a focus on unique and playful concepts. Their clients include Benefit Cosmetics, CamelBak, Saint Jane, Blue Bottle Coffee, and Banza. In addition to content creation, they seek to build up the creative community through their podcast, Per Our Last Email, and their educational content on their blog and social media channels.

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Teresa Freitas

Teresa C. Freitas is a fine art photographer and content creator from Lisbon, Portugal. In her portfolio, you can find collaborations with brands like Netflix, Dior, Pantone and Polaroid. Teresa's artistry lies in composition and the conceptual way she uses colour, as a way to subvert familiar motifs into something less tangible and more cinematic.

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Lizzie Darden

Lizzie Darden creates beautiful colorful worlds, where the product tells the story. Her class will focus on photographing and retouching tricky texture, such as reflective surfaces that can be tough to capture and edit. 

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Anna-Alexia Basile

Are you the face of your brand? Then it’s time to take your image-making to the next level with Anna-Alexia’s self-portrait class. In this course you’ll learn all about selecting a location, creating the scene, styling the perfect outfit, tips and tricks for setting up your camera as well as posing and taking the perfect shot. Anna-Alexia Basile is a fashion, travel and commercial photographer. She’s worked with clients such as Refinery29, Google, and Disney.

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Tropico Photo

Backgrounds can make or break a good photograph. To learn how to add gradients and glow to your background, watch Tropico Photo's class. This incredible duo’s work draws on the feeling of an ambiguous time and place. Their course will help your product stand-out.

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Katy Veauux

Katy Veauux is a Commercial Photographer and Art Director, whose work is cinematic, conceptual and colorful. She specializes in set design, and she will teach you how to make your idea a visual reality through colorful set design for product photography.

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Melissa Landestoy

Want to learn how to create amazing visuals with your iPhone? In that case, Melissa Landestoy’s class is made just for you. A NYC/NY based Art Director and Digital Content Creator, Mel’s been working with major brands for the past 10 years, and teaching business owners how to utilize their smartphones to deliver amazing branding. Her course is all you need to start creating amazing visuals straight from your phone without having to pick up a camera.

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