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Motion + Social Media Branding Course Bundle

You’ve mastered the art of creating powerful visuals - now it’s time to make captivating content.
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Intended for creatives and visionaries of all backgrounds and focuses, the Motion + Social Media Branding Course Bundle will teach you how to create stop motions, micro-videos, and branded visual assets that serve to captivate your audience and grow your presence.


What if you could master most of it?

(How’s that for balance?)

It’s no secret that the ever-changing social media algorithms are here to stay. One thing we’ll always be certain of? Your audience is drawn to short-form, shareable content.

We’ve joined forces with 6 designers, creators and educators to teach you how to create stop motions, micro videos, social media templates and branded visual assets that resonate with your audience, and grow your platform.

Made for creators, intended for social media.

In other words, we’re here to help you effortlessly craft powerful social media content. Because you really didn’t need our help with the other stuff, did you?

Inside Motion + Social Media Branding Course Bundle

you’ll learn...

  • Professional techniques to help you create engaging video and stop motion (GIF) clips
  • How to establish a brand design that evokes what you have to offer, while attracting your target audience
  • Tips and tricks to create bespoke social media templates
  • Simple ways to add motion to still-life scenes
  • How to choose the right font, color palette and graphic elements for your brand

Course sale period closed. Join the waitlist!

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 From Moodelier's previous courses


@shrooots Your video course was so helpful and I can’t wait to use those techniques once my Moodelier pieces come in! I’ve used photoshop for over a decade but have never found a color tutorial that’s been this easy to follow along. Thank you so much for sharing.


Great course! The tips about props were very helpful as I was surprised to learn really how few expensive things you need, mostly patience + time.

Daniela N.

I feel so inspired after watching your course! It really helped me to follow your guidance and apply it to my context.

Maria P. G.

Inside Motion + Social Media Branding Course Bundle

you’ll gain access to:

  • 6 self-guided and self-paced educational courses from industry-leading designers and digital creators
  • 6 recorded Q&A sessions with course creators.
  • Future course updates and add-ons
  • Exclusive Moodelier promotions, so you can continue to grow your creative prop collection
Course One

Helen Koker’s Professional Techniques to Create Artful and Engaging Motion Clips


In this course, you’ll…

Learn how to increase your skill set and raise your earning potential through captivatingly unique videos

* Get a peek at Helen’s favorite animation techniques and motion design workflows
Take a basic tour through Adobe After Effects

* Have access to a complimentary digital course companion (PDF booklet)

* Find out what tools, equipment, set up and preparation are required to create one-of-a-kind motion clips and videos

* Learn Helen’s post-production techniques

Course Two

Timbre Media House’s How to Add Simple Motion to Still-Life Scenes to Create Micro Video Clips


In this course, you'll...

*Learn how to easily capture short video clips with a pre-styled photography set 

*Watch as Amanda and Alistair share the ins and outs of the pre-production, production and post-production of a successful yet efficient motion clip 

*Understand how to create a shot list and efficient plan for your video shoot

*Learn how to sift through content and select the right music for your micro videos

*Master your understanding of the various simplistic methods and mediums involved in creating motion clips 

Course Three

Miachel Pruett's Transforming Photos into Movie Magic


In this course, you'll...

*Learn how to make visually captivating stop-motion videos

*Gain practical tips on transforming still photos into scroll-stopping videos with straight-forward editing tricks

*Be able to make objects disappear and reappear and create chromatic gradient, sparkling and aura-like motion all through Photoshop*

*End your course module with video examples made from the exact still photos provided within Miachel’s module

Course Four

The Creative Exchange’s Creating a Jewelry Cinemagraph


In this course, you'll...

*Learn how to take an idea from concept to brief, as well as how to source props and equipment

*Be taught how to create a cinemagraph while featuring a more difficult and detailed product (like jewelry) 

*Learn how to edit your photos, while transforming them into an MP4 video file

Course Five

Julia Masalka’s designing for your social media brand identity


In this course, you’ll…

*Create a mood board for your brand
*Find the right brand typography
*Design your brand logo
*Find the right color palette
*Find color combinations for your logo
*Save your assets in a CC Library

*Animate and export your branded posts for publishing
*Create custom post templates

Course Six

Mindy Nguyen's Elevate Your Brand with Bespoke Social Media Templates


In this course, you'll...

*Finally break away from cookie-cutter templates while learning how to create your own unique design system that elevates your brand equity and keeps your audience engaged

*Walk through Mindy’s Figma workflow, and find out how to bring posts to life in After Effects

*Learn how to gather inspiration through moodboards

*Gain an understanding of design iteration and techniques, as well as Figma best practices

*Establish the design of your brand

*Learn how to export assets to Publish 

Meet Your Instructors

Helen Koker

Art Director, Photographer and Multidisciplinary Creative

With an enviable client list in Australia and abroad, Helen has worked with brands like BYCHARI, Loco Love Chocolate, and Imbibe Living, and has been featured across multiple digital, web & social platforms for publishers such as i-D Magazine’s, Russh, and more. 

Specializing in creating unique and captivating visual media, Helen’s work is highly refined and often minimal, striking a delicate balance between artful conceptualization and meticulous production. A sensitive approach to color and balance, along with specialized post-production techniques, allow Helen to exceed the bounds of traditional image-making and produce remarkable and engaging content.

See Her Insta

Julia Masalka

Designer, Art Director, and Educator for Adobe

Julia Masalska is an award-winning designer specialized in branding, packaging and digital products. She is excited about brands that dare to be bold, unique and vibrant, while standing out in today’s visual world. Julia wholeheartedly believes that flexible and scalable brand assets, when used on websites, in print or on social media are the key to a cohesive brand identity. With her work, Julia helps her clients gain visibility both online, and offline. Besides her client work, Julia is a design educator for Adobe, where she helps individuals understand design and the tools to work creatively.

See Her Insta

Miachel Pruett

Still-Life Photographer

After shooting imagery for restaurants, chefs, and fine dining for clients such as The Wall Street Journal, Miachel Pruett converted to still-life photography and now shoots food, drink, and beauty products in Austin, Texas. Her favorite part of photography is coaxing out new ideas and techniques in the studio. Her favorite things outside of “work” are playing with her sweet toddler and hiking the lush green of Texas Hill Country. In the words of her sister, Miachel is “the nicest badass you’ll ever meet.”

See her Insta

Mindy Nguyen

Freelance Art Director and Designer

Based in Los Angeles, Mindy serves as the Creative Director of everyone’s favorite brand, ilovecreatives. With previous clients like Girlboss, Kristin Ess Hair, and Jeremiah Brent, she specializes in brand identity and web design. Her goal is to collaborate with nice people, while creating intentional brands. Offline, you can find her rug tufting, cooking, and creating playlists to vibe to.

See her website

Amanda Campeanu & Alistair James

Brand Photographers and Videographers

Residing in sunny Brisbane, Amanda and Alistair (also known as Timbre Media House), specialize in brand photography and videography while catering to their niches of beauty, fitness and lifestyle brands. Whilst operating out of their home studio for product-only shoots, the world is their playground offering their clients unique lifestyle locations for their content to really bring their products to life.

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Anna Sullivan

Creative Strategist and Agency Owner

Based in Brooklyn, Anna is the founder of two flourishing creative agencies: The Creative Exchange and No Revisions. Anna and her team work with brands every day to create visual content for social media and run brands’ social media accounts, paid ads, and partnerships. With her background in strategy and heart for creative, the brands her team works with know that content can take a brand from good, to great.

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 From Moodelier's previous course


Helen's technique was brilliant! It's so much better than the approach I was using before. It completely transformed my process.


AMAZING course. Loved that you listed all of the equipment and gear! So helpful, thank you. -Karina R.

Karina R.

This was the best course we have watched so far! So informational.

Beau P.


Can we take Motion + Social Media Branding Course Bundle on our phones and tablets?

While Motion + Social Media Branding Course Bundle is viewable on every wifi accessible mobile device, we recommend completing each module from the comfort of your computer.

How long will we have access to the course after purchasing it?

Once you purchase Motion + Social Media Branding Course Bundle, you’ll be emailed a registration link. You’ll have 1 year from the date of your purchase to register and login to your course. Once you’ve registered, you’ll have lifetime access.

How does the Motion + Social Media Branding Course Bundle differ from your previous Moodelier courses?

While all three courses are intended to help creators hone in on their skills and further create, Motion + Social Media Branding Course Bundle mainly focuses on how to make social media content that resonates with your audience, and showcases your brand’s style and value.

Our previous courses focused more so on the client-end of creating. Motion + Social Media Branding Course Bundle is entirely focused on helping you, the creator and business owner, make content that serves your audience, furthers your business, and showcases your portfolio.

Can I gift the course to a friend?

Absolutely! Just enter their email and registration details when checking out, and they’ll be sent a welcome email with a link to login.

Do you offer different payment options?

We’re so excited to share that we are now offering payment plans for our Motion + Social Media Branding Course Bundle! Our payment plan offers two installments of payments - the first payment being due when you first purchase the course, and the second payment will be charged exactly one month later.

You can also pay for the Motion + Social Media Branding Course Bundle in full at the time of your initial purchase.

Who is Motion + Social Media Branding Course Bundle for?

Creators, entrepreneurs and freelancers of all artistic and creative backgrounds and experience.