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You deserve to master the art of creating powerful visuals.


So, we joined forces with Helen Koker to create a course module intended to empower you to create scroll-stopping visuals while elevating your brand.

Believe us - whether you’re a professional photographer or a budding creative hobbyist, you’ll find value and never-before-seen tips and tricks that will change the way you view photography, and your creative business, forever. 

Are you ready to unleash your inner creativity?

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Color Transformations in Post-production Trailer



“Your video course was so helpful and I can’t wait to use those techniques once my Moodelier pieces come in! I’ve used photoshop for over a decade but have never found a color tutorial that’s been this easy to follow along. Thank you so much for sharing”


Helen is so good! This course is very helpful in learning photoshop skills for product photography! It saved me!”

Alaskah Wood

Love seeing a fellow Aussie on here! Amazing course Helen. I absolutely loved watching your process and seeing how you styled the products! Thank you :)

A guide to accurate colour transformations in post-production


Top features

Through her multidisciplinary approach to visual communication, Helen carved a name for herself in the creative world by creating captivating and modern content with soul. In A Guide to Accurate Colour Transformation in Post-Production, Helen will walk you through a 50-minute video module, while teaching you everything you need to know about post-production color transformations in Procreate and Adobe Photoshop.

Follow along with Helen as she guides you step-by-step through her image-making process. Helen will touch on each stage of the production workflow, from initial ideation to styling and shooting a photographic still life. The course will then take a deeper dive into her post-production workflow, where she will share the tools and techniques she utilizes to confidently and accurately transform the colour of individual elements within the final image.

In this course, Helen will cover:

  • Preparation - conceptualization, resources for inspirations & reference material, behind the scenes of visual research and mood board creation, and shot planning using Procreate to sketch or Adobe Photoshop to create mockups. 
  • Tools & Equipment -  inside my toolkit; the exact camera, lighting, and accessories I use to create the final images in this shoot.
  • Setting Up - the space, setup, and lighting.
  • Prop Styling - organizing your props on shoot day, Elements & Principles of Design to enhance your prop styling.
  • Shooting - tips for achieving aesthetically pleasing perspectives, maximizing sharpness, and correcting issues in-camera to save time in post-production.
  • Post Production - an end to end editing in Adobe Photoshop, non-destructive editing workflows, layer management, blemish & dust removal, layer masks, how to select and isolate individual objects, and multiple techniques for realistic color transformations
  • Bonus #1 - A downloadable Adobe Photoshop file containing the original image along with several layers so that you can edit along with me step-by-step.
  • Bonus #2 - A downloadable and printable Course Companion PDF booklet containing a recap of all of the course sections, along with helpful tips & tricks for each stage of shooting, an itemized list of everything on high rotation within my styling kit, photoshop keyboard shortcuts for Mac and PC, and more!
  • 50 minutes long video with life time access so you can watch and rewatch the video any time. 
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Course FAQ


Who is this course for?

Whether you’re exploring photography for the very first time, or an experienced professional photographer, this course was intended for you. Each module was created to provide content creation and photography basics, while also shedding light on never before seen or shared tips and tricks.

Created for photographers, art directors, set designers, content creators, brand owners, and anyone with an appetite for creating stunning visuals, Helen’s course module will allow you to unleash your inner creativity while taking advantage of its unlimited access. That’s right - meaning you can take (and retake) your module, anytime and anywhere.

Will I have lifetime access?

Yes! Once you purchase Helen’s course, you’ll be able to watch, rewatch, and access it forever. 

How do I access the courses after I purchase?

Once you purchase your course, you’ll receive a confirmation email with course login instructions. From there, you’ll want to create your username and password. After that, you’re all set and ready to create incredible visuals.

Meet Creator Helen Koker

Helen Koker

Based in Byron Bay on the east coast of Australia, Helen Koker is an Art Director, Photographer, and Multi-Disciplinary Creative. Specializing in creating unique and captivating visual media, Helen’s work is highly refined and often minimal, striking a delicate balance between artful conceptualization and meticulous production. A sensitive approach to color and balance, along with specialized post-production techniques, allow Helen to exceed the bounds of traditional image-making and produce remarkable and engaging content.

Check out her work