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Brand Botany 101

Brand Values create connections with your Audience

Communicate with your audience thru your Personal Brand


Your escort to create your Brand Garden. It provides inputs for your Brand to bloom stunningly such as how to execute your brand values, link with the audience and create content pillars.

Inside our Brand Botany Book, you’ll learn:



  • To give your audience a point of view
  • What do you believe in?


  • Create their profile
  • Communicate with feelings and clear


  • Position yourself to flourish.


  • Lifestyle Content
  • Content around your product to your service

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The course is super fun, refreshing and easy to follow. Kelset made the concepts of creating a solid brand strategy accessible and laid out all of the core fundamentals required to DIY your branding. “

- Carrie

“ LOVE IT. This course gave me the clarity I needed to create and attractive brand.”

- Joanne

“ I really resonate with the idea of cultivating a brand ecosystem. The Botany Book made it so much more effective, I felt empowered to put the video into practice straight away.”

- Joyce

And with Brand Botany, you’ll receive:

  • 6 educational modules, exclusively designed and produced by Kelsey McCormick   

  • Exclusive access to the Moodlier community via Moodelier Salon

  • Recorded Q&A session with Kelsey and downloadable  Botany Book customized by her that includes the 6 educational modules.

  • 10% off discount code on any Moodelier products including our courses.

Brand Botany 101 by Kelsey McCormick


In this course, you’ll…

Cultivating your perfect brand design is a bit like creating a Garden. In Brand Botany 101, Kelsey teaches how to unearth your brand’s values to design a brand that invites your chosen audience to show up, explore and enjoy what you have to offer. Specifically, Kelsey covers:

*Understanding and defining your brand story

*Showcasing what makes your product or service unique

*Identifying your audience

*Learning how to create content and a brand message that attracts your audience 

*Developing your brand’s aesthetics 

You’ll leave Kelsey’s course with the tools you need to design a well-defined brand, and potentially even a green(er) thumb. (Soil and shovel not included)

Meet Your Creator

Kelsey McCormick

Founder of coming up roses

Self-taught in brand design, Kelsey has worked with Girlboss, Coachella, Goldenvoice, AEG Presents, Katy Perry, Chugg Entertainment and Fremantle Media. Kelsey believes that creativity is seeded in each individual person, and that only a bit of nurturing is needed to let that creativity grow. Since its inception, Coming up Roses has blossomed into a collective of designers, artists, copywriters and creatives who work together to nurture creativity through exploration. 

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Can we take Brand Botany 101 on our phones and tablets?

While Brand Botany 101 is viewable on every wifi accessible mobile device, we recommend completing each module from the comfort of your computer. 


How long will we have access to the course after purchasing it?

Once you purchase Brand Botany 101 you’ll be emailed a registration link. You’ll have 1 year from the date of your purchase to register and login to your course. Once you’ve registered, you’ll have lifetime access. 


How does Brand Botany 101 differ from your previous Moodelier courses?

Brand Botany 101 mainly focuses on teaching brand designers, photographers, prop stylists and art directors how to create a harmonious brand strategy - not only for themselves, but for their clients, too. 

So, whether your focus is on designing your own brand on a budget, or taking the skills you learn to further your creative business,Brand Botany 101 will teach you everything you need to know about creating a brand that is unmistakably yours. 


Can I gift the course to a friend?

Absolutely! Just enter their email and registration details when checking out, and they’ll be sent a welcome email with a link to login.