Crafting Unique AI-driven Product Images

Discover how to blend creativity and AI for non-cookie-cutter, on-brand product images—without a steep learning curve

Join us for an insightful journey into the world of product imagery, focusing on how to merge AI-driven techniques with your existing skills. With the C.A.S.H. Method, discover the pros, cons, and best practices to create impactful product images that resonate.


🎉 Why 5 weeks C.A.S.H. Camp

The creative landscape is changing, and yes, AI is a big part of that change. But rather than replacing you, AI can augment your abilities, filling in gaps and letting you focus on what you do best. In this cohort-based course, you'll learn alongside other professionals in a supportive environment. Each session offers hands-on experience and Q&A time. We'll be frank about the limitations of AI, giving you a balanced toolkit for the future. Plus, you'll get to ask all the questions Google and ChatGPT couldn't answer.









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During the 5 Weeks BootCamp You'll Learn 🎯 

  • The C-A-S-H Method: Learn the potential of Collage-Style, AI-First, Shot-First, and Hybrid techniques. Understand the 'why' behind each method, setting the foundation for your AI-driven creative process.

  • Tools of the Craft: Navigate through Midjourney, ChatGPT, DALL·E3, Magnific AI, Photoshop Generative Fill. Learn to choose the right tool at the right time.

  • Generative AI Deconstructed: With Amazon, Meta, Shopify,, and Adobe pushing generative ads, knowing how to create unique, on-brand images is crucial. Don't be another auto-generated ad in the sea of sameness.

  • Bonus Module: One-stop-shop AI solutions for those rapid-fire needs. No, they're not perfect. Yes, you should know about them. Animating your still image with the Runway motion brush feature.

🤝 Join the 5 weeks Cohort, Ease the Anxiety

 Join Cohort 6 in June (TBD), and Cohort 7 start in July(TBD) limited seats

AI isn't a magic wand, and we're not selling it as one. Through this Bootcamp, you'll find a community where you can explore, learn, and demystify the AI experience. It's a chance to reduce the anxiety around AI's place in the creative field by understanding its strengths and weaknesses firsthand.

Our approach towards AI-driven Product Images with the C.A.S.H method

" Collage-Style "

This approach allows you to craft each element separately, giving you the freedom to design without limits.

  • Pros: Maximizes creative control, allows for intricate detailing and customization.

  • Cons: Can be time-consuming, requires a keen eye for design.

Best For: Artists and designers who love crafting each element with precision and care.

" AI - First "

Dive into the world of AI with this method, where most of the creative work is done by AI tools

  • Pros: Fast and efficient, generates a wide range of creative options.

  • Cons: Sometimes unpredictable results, less control over the final outcome.

Best For: Innovators and experimenters who enjoy exploring the surprises AI can offer.

" Shot First "

Traditional photography techniques are used initially, followed by AI-assisted touch-ups.

  • Pros: High-quality original material, combined with the efficiency of AI.

  • Cons: More time and effort upfront.

Best For: Photographers and creators who want the best of both worlds.

" Hybrid "

Mix and match these methods to create something truly unique. .

  • Pros: Offers the ultimate creative flexibility, merging all methods for a unique result.

  • Cons: May require proficiency of multiple skills and tools.

Best For: Jack-of-all-trades creatives who are open to experimenting like me;)

Can't make it for the May cohort? 

If you missed past cohorts you can still secure your spot today and join cohort 6 kicks off on June (TBD). We will also have Cohort 7 in July (TBD)

Each cohort has limited seats

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AI-driven Image Practical Use Cases 

For Fashion and Accessory Brands 

This unique project showcases a model, meticulously photographed beforehand, surrounded by a generative AI generated golden dragon.

The concept of this AI-driven editorial shoot was collaborated and developed with my dear friend @suvaniacat —a nod to this year’s zodiac symbol. The creation process spanned two days, culminating in a 10K resolution image where each detail stands out with crisp clarity.

Among the four AI-driven image methods I’ve developed, the “Shot First” approach proved ideal for this project. It’s particularly beneficial for fashion and accessory brands aiming for precise depiction of their products, as current AI limitations challenge accurate garment and accessory generation.

This method blends traditional photography—capturing the model in the actual attire—with AI enhancements to enrich the background, achieving a stunning visual narrative.

This project exemplifies the potential of integrating AI into creative workflows, especially for brands seeking innovative ways to highlight their offerings.

Photographer|许子芮 MOTH
Make up & Hair | 秀金 JIN XIU
Photo Producer|梁珍珍 SUVANIA
AI visual effects Artist |薛静 CLAIRE XUE

Pop Up Experience Concept Design


For Fine Jewelry 

Rings are from @noam_carver 

For CPG Brands


The Tools We Will Go Over During the Bootcamp

And more...




Photoshop Generative Fill


Magnefic AI


Runway ML

Let's talk C.A.S.H

The C.A.S.H. method is your creative edge in a pixel-packed world. It's where your skills get an AI upgrade, delivering Customization that pops, Accessibility that empowers, Speed that delivers, and Hybridization that innovates. Don't just make images—make statements. Embrace the C.A.S.H. method and transform your brand's visuals into a visual feast that's all you. Ready to be unforgettable? Let's talk C.A.S.H.

What you can expect:

A Five-Week Immersive Experience

  • Collaborate and Grow: Engage with a cohort of forward-thinking creative, where every session is a step towards learning.
  • Live Interactive Sessions: Six group sessions that are recorded, each offering direct engagement, practical insights, and the opportunity to get your questions answered.
  • Flexible Learning: Access to pre-recorded videos, allowing you to learn at your own pace, anytime, anywhere.
  • Practical Assignments: Hands-on activities and assignments designed to future-proof your skills and apply your learnings directly.
  • Community and Feedback: An environment that nurtures creativity and provides real-time feedback, ensuring you're on the right track.
  • Portfolio Development: Guidance and opportunities to build an impressive AI-driven product image portfolio.

Exclusive Resources and Community Engagement

  • Community Space Access: Connect with like-minded creatives and in our dedicated community space, fostering collaboration and growth.
  • Comprehensive Guides and Resources: Access a treasure trove of downloadable resources, including step by step guides, tailored to enhance your learning experience.

So glad I reached out to Claire. I was interested in mixing Midjourney with Photoshop to see if I could produce more interesting and realistic product images and I got more than I bargained for. She is a wealth of knowledge and I would :100: recommend her as a AI creative resource.

— Patrick, creative designer and small business owner

I’ve been on a journey with #midjourney 🌺 I’m taking the @moodelier #ai course and having so much fun! After taking the @moodelier #ai course I’ve learned so much, and feel like I can truly create anything - even if it’s not in season, or maybe if our next shoot is sans gravity in space 🪐

- Elena Kulikova, Product and fashion/beauty photographer in LA

The C.A.S.H camp is excellent for anyone who is looking for a deeper understanding of how to create digital imagery and was the perfect introduction into the innovative world of AI design. I plan on introducing many of the techniques I learnt during the course into my everyday workflow as a freelance product stylist. Thanks Claire, I highly recommend.

- Chloe Wilson, Prop Stylist

Firstly, I wanted to say I absolutely loved participating in the CASH camp. The skills I've learned are invaluable, and I feel they will help me take my career to the next level and help me find freelance clients.

- Laura Holland, Product Photographer

For Stock Image with a Group of People


If you're interested in learning how to generate images using Midjourney V6, enhance them with image enhancers, and finalize them in Photoshop, we've got you covered.

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All the images in this page are made with our AI-driven Product Images C.A.S.H method!

What You'll Walk Away With 🚀

  1. Handle AI Image Generation for Product Image Like a Pro: Say goodbye to intimidation; you'll be navigating AI tools with the kind of confidence that turns heads.

  2. Get comfortable with your toolkit: Whether it's Photoshop generative Fill, Midjouney, or DALL-E, you'll know exactly where and when to use which tools for crafting unique AI-driven product images.

  3. No More Guesswork: We'll give you a roadmap for crafting AI-driven product images, so you're never stuck at the "Where do I start?" stage.

  4. Stay Ahead of the Curve: With major companies like Amazon and Meta diving into generative ads, you'll learn how to use these tools to create unique, on-brand images that set you apart.

  5. Efficient Workflows: Learn how to integrate AI into your current practices, speeding up your process without compromising quality.

  6. Live Updates: The AI space moves fast. During the 5-week bootcamp, you'll get real-time updates on the most relevant techniques and tools.

  7. Community and Support: Access to a like-minded community and live sessions, for those times you need a little extra help or inspiration.

  8. Boost Your Efficiency: With a deep dive into AI-driven tools, you'll streamline your creative process. Say goodbye to tedious, manual edits and hello to more time for artistic flair.

  9. Supercharge Your Productivity: By leveraging the tools we introduce, you'll create stunning visuals faster than ever, freeing you up to tackle more projects or, you know, enjoy some well-deserved downtime.


Buy Now Pay Later financing is available upon check-out


Join June Cohort

Buy Now Pay Later financing is available upon check-out


Join July Cohort


When are the live sessions scheduled, especially if I’m in a different time zone?

A: No time zone tangles here! After you sign up, we’ll ping you with a quick one-minute survey. It’ll cover the basics—your familiarity with the tools we’ll use, your time zone, and your preferred times for live sessions. Because we keep our groups cozy and small, we tailor the schedule to fit your needs as closely as possible. So don’t stress the clock—we’ve got you covered.

Who is this bootcamp for?
This bootcamp is designed for photographers, prop stylists, creative directors, art directors, designers, creatives, small business owners, and even side hustlers who want to learn more about AI-driven product images. If you're excited about future-proofing your skills in the ever-changing world of tech, this is for you!

Do I have to be a tech genius or Photoshop wizard to take this bootcamp?
Nope, you don't need to be a tech or Photoshop whiz. As long as you can navigate a smartphone and use basic software, you're good. We break down complex ideas into easily digestible chunks.

What tools will I need?
You'll need an internet connection and an open mind. We'll be using a variety of tools like Canva, Midjourney, ChatGPT, DALL·E3, ClipDrop and Photoshop Generative Fill. If you want to dive deep, you might want to invest in some of these platforms, but it's not mandatory.

What sort of support will I get during the bootcamp?
You'll participate in six live sessions where you can ask questions and get hands-on experiences. Plus, you'll be part of a cohort, so you'll learn alongside a community of like-minded folks.

When does the bootcamp start?
Mark your calendars for Cohort Five in June. It's a five-week program with six live sessions; the sessions will be recorded. Packed with practical applications and insights. Cohort Five in June, with limited seats.

What's the cost, and are there payment plans?
Buy Now Pay Later financing is available upon check-out for those who'd like to spread out the cost.

How long will the course material be relevant?
AI's fast, but so are we. During the five weeks, we'll ensure you're in the loop with the newest AI tools and techniques. Remember, the field of AI is constantly evolving, so while we strive to provide the most current information, the relevance of some specifics may shift over time. But don't worry, all course materials will remain accessible for 3 months after the completion of the camp, giving you ample time to revisit and absorb the content at your own pace.

What's the refund policy?
If you find that the bootcamp isn't for you, we offer a partial refund within 7 days of purchase, provided you haven't started the live sessions yet. Make sure to read all the details before you buy!

Will we learn how to use all the tools you've listed to their maximum capability?
Nah, we're going for quality over quantity. While we'll cover all the tools you need for crafting AI-driven product images, this bootcamp isn't about turning you into a jack of all-trades for every tool out there. We'll focus on the most effective techniques that are directly applicable to your goals. So don't worry, you'll get what you came for, and then some!

Is your method the perfect way to craft product images or photographs?
Not at all! While the "C.A.S.H. Method" won't deliver you a utopia of flawless images, it's an effective way to craft unique and high-impact product visuals. Think of it as one rad tool in your creative toolbox, not the end-all-be-all.