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You deserve to master the art of creating powerful visuals.


So, we joined forces with Diane Villadsen to create two course modules intended to empower you to create scroll-stopping visuals while elevating your brand.

Believe us - whether you’re a professional photographer or a budding creative hobbyist, you’ll find value and never-before-seen tips and tricks that will change the way you view photography, and your creative business, forever. 

Are you ready to unleash your inner creativity?

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The Art of Creative Product Photography


Top features

As more businesses than ever are shifting online, the demand for creative product photography is ever-increasing. Shop owners now find themselves relying on the digital landscape to make their products stand out. Knowing how to create a work of art that just so happens to feature a product is critical to gaining traction with new clients.

 In this 56-minute video course, you'll learn everything you need to dive into product photography. Diane and Jo Ko will show you a lighting setup for just $200, talk about where to find props and how to style them, walk you through the process of developing a brand's visual narrative, and explore all the details that go into the retouching process.

The course will cover the following topics:


  • Drawing connections between concepts to come up with unique inspiration
  • Crafting a moodboard
  • Sketching out a shot list and filling it in with color
  • Developing a color palette
  • The importance of contrast and how to infuse it into your work
  • Staying organized with a shoot deck
  • Types of backdrops
  • Ordering shots efficiently
  • Complete gear list and how to work with what you have
  • Tripod vs. handheld shooting
  • One-light setup under $200 (including diagrams)
  • Achieving dramatic shadows
  • Modifying the light to be soft and diffused with household items
  • Prop styling tips and tools
  • Favorite resources for props
  • Workflow between Lightroom & Photoshop
  • Cleaning the photo up and removing distractions
  • CLIMB method for retouching
  • Precise object selection and color manipulation
  • Export settings
  • Bonus editing time-lapses

Please note that the editing portion of this course may be most useful for those with an intermediate understanding of Photoshop.

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Beau P.

"This was the best course we have watched so far! So informational." 

Alaskah W.

"I loved seeing the BTS and how you used toothpicks to prop up the mangoes! Some great use of colours and creative shots!" 

Daniela N.

"Great course! The tips about props were very helpful as I was surprised to learn really how few expensive things you need, mostly patience + time. " 

How to Shoot Creative Stock Photos


Top features

Stock photography can be an excellent way to generate passive income in-between photo projects. Through her creative stock photography strategy, Diane has grown her monthly income through photos she uploaded to Stocksy years ago. And today, she’s here to teach you how you can do the same. 

All you’ll need is this course, a bit of creative thinking, some basic photo gear, and editing software (Lightroom & Photoshop). Diane will cover her entire shoot process, from creative direction to lighting to post-production, and ultimately submitting the photos as stock to earn passive income. To follow along, you don't need a fancy studio – just a room in your house!

In this 40-minute course, you’ll learn how to:

  • Choose a theme for stock photos that will optimize your passive income
  • Develop a color palette in Canva (free online graphic design software)
  • Create mockups in Photoshop to visualize your photo setups
  • Select and customize your backdrops and props, including painting tips and techniques
  • Set up lighting in a space as small as your living room or home office
  • Shoot tethered, which allows you to view your photos on your computer as you’re shooting them
  • Style your scene with tips on spacing and composition
  • Cull your photos to narrow down your final selection
  • Tone your photos in Lightroom and clean up the scene in Photoshop
  • Add graphic elements in Photoshop to fill spaces and create interest
  • Submit your photos to stock agencies
  • Master keywording & tagging your photos for optimal visibility
  • Gain new clients through your stock portfolio

The class is ideal for photographers who already have a portfolio that can be submitted to stock agencies and want to bolster their earnings with images created for stock. Those who are looking to build their portfolio from the bottom up will also find it useful.

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Grab Them Both - The Diane Villdsen Bundle


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In the Diane Villadsen Bundle, you’ll gain access to both The Art of Creative Photography and How to Shoot Creative Stock Photos

It’s quite the steal, and we’ll assume you agree.

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Alaskah W.

"I absolutely loved this course! You made this course so much fun and I loved watching your process and workflow! Thanks, Diane."

Alexis C.

"Having lifetime access is AWESOME!! Going back to follow along & practice each one before moving on to the next! :) Thanks for your editing tips & showing your process!"

Denitza L.

“I'm amazed by the use of the pen tool here. So excited to try using some of your techniques. I appreciate you being so transparent and sharing your recommendations on backdrops and paints to use!” 

Course FAQ


Who are these courses for?

Whether you’re exploring photography for the very first time or an experienced professional photographer, these courses are intended for you. Each module was created to provide content creation and photography basics, while also shedding light on never before seen or shared tips and tricks.

Created for photographers, art directors, set designers, content creators, brand owners, and anyone with an appetite for creating stunning visuals, Diane’s course modules allow you to unleash your inner creativity while taking advantage of their unlimited access. That’s right - meaning you can take (and retake) both modules, anytime and anywhere.

Will I have lifetime access?

Yes! Once you purchase your modules, you’ll be able to watch, rewatch and access them forever. 

How do I access the courses after I purchase?

Once you purchase your chosen course(s), you’ll receive a confirmation email with course login instructions. From there, you’ll want to create your username and password. After that, you’re all set and ready to create incredible visuals.

Meet the Creator Diane Villadsen

Diane Villadsen 

Diane Villadsen is a color-obsessed commercial photographer whose work explores surreal spaces and themes. Clients include Zappos, Allbirds, Mailchimp, Oppo, Twitter, Bose, and Atelier Cologne. Her work has been published in Aesthetica Magazine, Content Magazine, Ignant, Frankie Magazine, and Fstoppers.


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