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How to Shoot Creative Stock Photos

In this course, Diane will cover her entire shoot process, from creative direction to lighting to post-production, and ultimately submitting the photos as stock to earn passive income. In this 40-minute course, you’ll learn how to:

  • Choose a theme for stock photos that will optimize your passive income
  • Develop a color palette in Canva (free online graphic design software)
  • Create mockups in Photoshop to visualize your photo setups
  • Select and customize your backdrops and props, including painting tips and techniques
  • Set up lighting in a space as small as your living room or home office
  • Shoot tethered, which allows you to view your photos on your computer as you’re shooting them
  • Style your scene with tips on spacing and composition
  • Cull your photos to narrow down your final selection
  • Tone your photos in Lightroom and clean up the scene in Photoshop
  • Add graphic elements in Photoshop to fill spaces and create interest
  • Submit your photos to stock agencies
  • Master keywording & tagging your photos for optimal visibility
  • Gain new clients through your stock portfolio

The Art of Creative Product Photography

 In this 56-minute video course, you'll learn everything you need to dive into product photography. Diane and Jo Ko will cover the following topics:


  • Drawing connections between concepts to come up with unique inspiration
  • Crafting a moodboard
  • Sketching out a shot list and filling it in with color
  • Developing a color palette
  • The importance of contrast and how to infuse it into your work
  • Staying organized with a shoot deck
  • Types of backdrops
  • Ordering shots efficiently
  • Complete gear list and how to work with what you have
  • Tripod vs. handheld shooting
  • One-light setup under $200 (including diagrams)
  • Achieving dramatic shadows
  • Modifying the light to be soft and diffused with household items
  • Prop styling tips and tools
  • Favorite resources for props
  • Workflow between Lightroom & Photoshop
  • Cleaning the photo up and removing distractions
  • CLIMB method for retouching
  • Precise object selection and color manipulation
  • Export settings
  • Bonus editing time-lapses


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