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Colour Transformation + Art in Motion by Helen Koker

Grab both of Helen Koker's courses with this bundle: 

Inside Art in Motion you’ll learn:

  • Professional techniques to help you create engaging video and stop motion (GIF) clips

  • How to establish a brand design that evokes what you have to offer, while attracting your target audience

  • Tips and tricks to create bespoke social media templates

  • Simple ways to add motion to still-life scenes

  • How to choose the right font, color palette and graphic elements for your brand

Inside A guide to accurate colour transformations in post-production:

  • Preparation - conceptualization, resources for inspirations & reference material, behind the scenes of visual research and mood board creation, and shot planning using Procreate to sketch or Adobe Photoshop to create mockups. 

  • Tools & Equipment -  inside my toolkit; the exact camera, lighting, and accessories I use to create the final images in this shoot.

  • Setting Up - the space, setup, and lighting.

  • Prop Styling - organizing your props on shoot day, Elements & Principles of Design to enhance your prop styling.

  • Shooting - tips for achieving aesthetically pleasing perspectives, maximizing sharpness, and correcting issues in-camera to save time in post-production.

  • Post Production - an end to end editing in Adobe Photoshop, non-destructive editing workflows, layer management, blemish & dust removal, layer masks, how to select and isolate individual objects, and multiple techniques for realistic color transformations

These courses are part of our  Creative bundle (2020 and Motion + Social Media branding bundle (2021) . If you've purchased these bundles, you already have access to them.  

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