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How to Create The Perfect Hero Image

Create your own Brand image

Does your Hero Image capture your audiences attention at a glance?

Colors Collective

Alexis and Max will teach you how to design a Hero Image that will immediately capture the attention of the viewer and communicate the product in a way that isn't complicated. 

Inside this Hero Image Bundle course, you will learn how to: 

  • Gather information about your client’s product through research, designing a moodboard, and creating polished concept sketches to present to your client.

  • Source props and tools and prepare your props and objects for your shoot.

  • Set up your scene and achieve optimal lighting for hero images.

  • Discover the styling tools and techniques that we use to create stunning Hero Images.

  • Gain an understanding of our post production editing process and preparation of hero images for client delivery. 

Grab the course and learn how to create a the perfect hero image with Colors Collective.


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And with The Perfect Hero Image, you’ll receive;

  • You will get downloadable files that include a list of where Colors Collective gets their props and tools that they use to create amazing Hero Images. 

  • Recorded Q&A with Alexis and Max via the Moodelier Salon.

  • Exclusive access to the Moodelier Community.

  • Colors Collective's technique in spray painting their amazing props demonstrated by Max.

  •  10% off discount code on any Moodelier products including our courses.

How to Create the Perfect Hero Image by Colors Collective


In this course, you'll...

Design your bold new brand or create an eye catching, scroll stopping hero image for your client's need. Alexis and Max will walk you through the process of creating a hero image that encompasses your brand, speaks to your audience, and above all else, remains unforgettable. They will enlighten you through :
1. Ideation
*Collecting information about a product, designing a moodboard, and creating concept sketches for client review.
2. Props and Styling
*Tips on where to find an array of useful and quality props
*How to source, prepare, and style props to highlight a product’s characteristics. 
3. Production
*Preparation of all items needed before the shoot. 
*Setting up your camera and lighting to capture a Hero Image.
*Editing your Hero Image and exporting it for client delivery.  

Meet Your Creator

Alexis and Max

Co-founders for Colors Collective

Colors Collective is a full service product photography and stop motion studio based in Brooklyn, NY. Alexis Jesup and Max Hoffman work side by side at Colors Collective to create bold and colorful content for global brands of all sizes. Some of Colors Collective’s past and present clients include Poppi, Bulletproof, Zappos, Vita Coco, PopSockets, and Rit Dye. Alexis and Max approach product photography from an Industrial Design background, bringing a unique perspective to their content creation process which covers everything including concept development, set design, prop sourcing, photo styling, photography, and editing.

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“ Hi!!!! Yes!!! I’ve been meaning to share it <3 watched colors collective already and WOW it’s like the spray painting lesson I didn’t know I needed. I’ve sprayed stuff in the past but it’s always messy. Can’t wait to try the tips they gave! Also the whole idea about how to make hero images for clients that can be used across platforms by simply planning the cropping in advance is genius. Simple but totally genius! ”


“ Love this course from @colorscollective x @moodelier ! Learned so much from you guys. Thank you!! Your spray paint lesson is gold! It was always so messy, now I’ll never do it any other thatn the @colorscollective - way. And thank you also for sharing how to super quick sketch ideas. ”



Can we take Colors Collective Course Bundle on our phones and tablets?

While Colors Collective Course Bundle is viewable on every wifi accessible mobile device, we recommend completing each module from the comfort of your computer. 


How long will we have access to the course after purchasing it?

Once you purchase Colors Collective Course Bundle, you’ll be emailed a registration link. You’ll have 1 year from the date of your purchase to register and login to your course. Once you’ve registered, you’ll have lifetime access. 


How doesColors Collective Course Bundle differ from your previous Moodelier courses?

Colors Collective Course Bundle mainly focuses on teaching brand designers, photographers, prop stylists and art directors how to create a hero image - not only for themselves, but for their clients, too. 

So, whether your focus is on designing your own brand on a budget, or taking the skills you learn to further your creative business, Colors Collective Course Bundle will teach you everything you need to know about creating an image that will leave an impact with the your viewers and communicate what the product is in a way that isn't complicated. 


Can I gift the course to a friend?

Absolutely! Just enter their email and registration details when checking out, and they’ll be sent a welcome email with a link to login.